Shabab Hamid

Shabab Hamid

Associate Solicitor Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings)

Shabab joined Freemans Solicitors in November 2012.  Shabab is Level 2 Accredited under the Law Society Immigration Accreditation Scheme, becoming accredited under this scheme in 2006. Shabab is also a Solicitor Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings), and is able to be instructed to attend the Upper Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum Chamber), High Court, Crown Court, Court of Appeal & the House of Lords. 

Shabab has shown considerable expertise & knowledge in Immigration, Asylum, Human Rights law, European Law & Business Immigration, and frequently attends First Tier Tribunal (IAC) & the Upper Tribunal as an Advocate to defend his client’s best interests.

Shabab engages in a variety of immigration legal work, from advising high net individuals under the Points Based System, to advising UK based companies on current immigration compliance matters, to human rights based applications. Shabab has successfully obtained Employer Licences for high net worth businesses based in central London. 

Recent successes include: 

- Obtaining an Employer Licence for a well known Jewellers based in central London and assisting in the sourcing of a skilled migrant for the role. 

- Providing ongoing assistance to local businesses to ensure their compliance with the Immigration Rules when employing foreign migrants. 

- Attending a Premium Service appointment with the Home Office for an Indefinite Leave to Remain application. 

- Winning 3 appeals under the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Immigration category recently. 

- Instructing Queens Counsel on a complex deportation matter at the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) on a novel point of law. 

- Assisting an LGBT asylum client in his asylum application, resulting in a Refugee Status grant by the Home Office. 

Shabab was also on the Law Society Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division, whereby the primary aim of the Division is to represent other legal practitioners at the Law Society, assisting with regulatory & compliance matters that may arise. 

Shabab was a Committee Member on the Society of Asian Lawyers (SAL). Shabab enjoys promoting and developing the legal profession amongst the Asian community in the UK, which in turn would enhance the diversity and equality of opportunity within the legal profession & Judiciary. Shabab has created & maintained many new relationships with the Government, Judiciary & Law Society through his work at SAL.


Counsel Sailesh Mehta of 18 Red Lion Court Chambers (Appointed Recorder of the Crown Court) has commented: 

“I have worked closely with Shabab Hamid when I was the Chair of the Society of Asian Lawyers and in other organisations.  We primarily worked on the analysis of legal issues and proposals for changes in the law. Shabab demonstrated an ability to get to the heart of complex legal principles and procedures, and made incisive analysis of their effect on those in the UK and abroad.  Shabab recognised that while immigration is important as a human rights issues for individuals, but that it is also of commercial and economic importance to UK businesses.  He regularly gave astute and insightful advice on strategy in this and other areas.  

I have developed a trusting relationship with Shabab and know he will think logically and make reasonable and rational judgements in difficult situations. Shabab is not afraid of challenging established law and procedures and grasps key concepts immediately.  Shabab is a creative lawyer who will protect his clients' interests fearlessly.  I have no hesitation in commending him to anyone who requires legal advice and assistance."

Counsel Ben Amunwa, of 36 The Group (Chambers) has commented: 

"Shabab is a highly dedicated, highly skilled solicitor and caseworker. He has a strong background in supporting a range of clients from the Middle East and North Africa as well as EEA nationals and their families. One of his particular areas of expertise is assisting Palestinian families to re-unite successfully in the UK. Calm and approachable, Shabab is known for his ability to guide his clients through complex immigration and asylum appeals while presenting their cases clearly and robustly."

Senior Pilot at a major British Airline commented: 

"Shabab took care of my wife's application for a Spouse Visa. From the first meeting, it was obvious that he had a wealth of experience in these sorts of cases and had a firm grasp of what steps needed to be taken as well as what was and was not likely to be important in the eyes of the person that would assess our application. From that point on, it was really case of following his clear instructions, step by step, until the day the visa application went in. A successful application followed along with two happy customers!" 

Counsel Wendy Bremang a practising Barrister has commented: 

"It is always a pleasure to receive instructions from Shabab. I receive Appellant bundles that as well as being both technically and legally sound, are always prepared to precision. It is evident that this is a solicitor who always strives to go the extra mile on behalf of his clients."

Counsel Gwawr Thomas of 1 Mitre Court Buildings has commented: 

"I have worked with Shabab on a range of cases, including complex asylum claims, sensitive deportation appeals, the full spectrum of entry clearance matters, and urgent applications for judicial review.  Shabab's unstinting dedication to his clients is evident in his thorough and focussed case preparation.  He effectively pre-empts the points that are likely to be taken by the Home Office to place his client a step ahead, is tenacious in pursuing a novel legal point and relishes the challenge of tough cases which call for some 'thinking outside the box' - qualities which no doubt help in explaining why he enjoys an impressive success rate."

Counsel Natsai Manyarara a practising Barrister has commented: 

"“I have known Mr Shabab Hamid since he began instructing me as counsel many years ago. In the time that we have worked together on cases (up to and including the Court of Appeal), I have been highly impressed by his meticulous attention to detail in the preparation and conduct of any case that he undertakes on behalf of the many clients whom he represents, as well as his firm grasp of the factual and legal issues involved. I am encouraged by his ability to maintain such a high standard in his practice. He always has his clients’ best interests in mind and has a true understanding of the meaning of quality legal service.”  Natsai Manyarara, Barrister (12 Old Square Chambers, Lincoln’s Inn, London). 

Mr Sandeep Kainth (Solicitor) has commented:

"I have known Shabab through the Society of Asian Lawyers as a former serving Committee Member. I found Shabab to be tenacious in his approach to any subject matter, and focused in his ability to decipher whatever subject matter that was  being discussed. Shabab has been incredibly astute in his dealings with external third parties, and exercises leadership skills as & when required. It was delightful working with Shabab & I hope to continue to build on our relationship". 

Our Shabab Hamid was also interviewed by a well known French Radio station based in London about the brilliant 'I Am an Immigrant' campaign which has gathered positive recognition and awareness throughout the world.