Lynton Orrett

Lynton Orrett


Lynton is an experienced advocate and litigator, who over the last few years has developed a practice which specialises in financial, international and complex crimes. Lynton joined Freemans in 2007 and became a partner on 1st  December 2014.  

As a sole advocate he has successfully represented client’s such as a Chinese businessman who it was alleged had tried to defraud the Royal Bank of Scotland of €25 million.  When the UK police conducted one of the biggest operations in its history, ‘Operation Rize’, Lynton was asked to be the lead litigator and later acted as the junior advocate for the confiscation proceedings.

In the last year Lynton has acted, as both litigator and advocate, in cases involving international drug trafficking; international people trafficking, kidnapping and torture. As part of his advocacy practice, Lynton has received specialist training for cases involving vulnerable witnesses and was recently commended for his “gentle but effective” cross-examination of a rape complainant.

Lynton was a Director of the Society of Black Lawyers and is a member of Solicitor’s Association of Higher Court Advocates. Lynton assists the International Senior Lawyers Project in giving courses, and helping to implement, legal training in developing countries.  Lynton is a trustee of Stepping UP UK, a charity that supports young people, who have been in the UK care system, in their transition from being looked after to independent living; having been raised is care from the age of 2 until 18 this is a charity that is close to Lynton’s heart.


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