Kishoree Kotecha-Pau

Kishoree Kotecha-Pau


Kishoree is a highly experienced Criminal Defence solicitor. She qualified as a Solicitor in 1986 and joined Sheratte Caleb & Co Solicitors in 1986, becoming a Partner in 1993 assisting them in acquiring membership of Serious Fraud Panel.  Kishoree  joined  Freemans Solicitors where she is a Partner.

Kishoree has substantial experience as a litigator in dealing with offences involving large scale VAT Fraud, Fraud, Money Laundering, Confiscation proceedings, drugs related offences, people trafficking, Murder, Extradition, appeals to the High court and Criminal appeals.

Kishoree is a member of the London Criminal Court Solicitors Association, a founder member of the Society of Asian Lawyers and serving Board member of the Association of Women Solicitors.  She also served as a University governor for nine years.

A  great  believer  in  serving  the  community,  Kishoree  has  provided  Pro  Bono assistance to women fleeing domestic violence, provided a free out of hours telephone advice service, careers talks at the Law Society and was legal advisor to two charities. Kishoree speaks Gujarati and conversational Hindi.

Kishoree was presented with the Society of Asian Lawyers’ Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award Winner 2013 by Sailesh Mehta Co-chair of SAL and The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP on 30th November 2013 at the Society’s annual ball and awards ceremony. In the words of the organisers, “this Award marks Kishoree’s unstinting dedication to assisting those on Legal Aid and her active involvement in the campaign to protect those who may lose this valuable right.”

Kishoree has dedicated her career to providing legal assistance to the most vulnerable people in our society. In addition to working on the front line Kishoree has also been a proactive opponent and campaigner against the government’s attacks on legal aid.

Her cases have included representing:-

  • R v Vakani and others. Click here to view more 
  • R v Pitiyatanakul and ors. Click here to view more  
  • R v Pyleav and ors. Click here to view more 
  • R v Burt. Click here to view more 
  • R v Xiao. Click here to view more 
  • R v Shah. Click here to view more 
  • R v Dowling. Click here to view more 
  • R v Hewitt. Click here to view more 
  •  R v Puskas. Click here to view more  
  • R v Rabheru.
  • R v Woolf. Click here to view more 
  • R v Abbas and Zainab Reza. Click here to view more 
  • R v Steinberg & Steinberg - Husband and Wife, large-scale VAT fraud - both acquitted.
  • R v G and another - 14 year charged with murder of his sister, the defendant refused to speak to anyone except Kishoree. He was eventually acquitted.
  • R v 0 - Client charged with Murder. First case where the prosecution used evidence from an individual's mobile phone billing to link him to a crime.
  • R v  Navoli  - Client  accused  of  deception  involving  £6  Billion.  CPS  eventually discontinued case.
  • R v Hernandez - South American charged with 11 others in money laundering case, value over £12 million.
  • R v Monteiro and others - 'Gang Rape' of 16 year old girl.
  • R v Matthews and others - SFO Prosecution. £2 million Investment Fraud alleged to have targeted ex-patriots. VHCC, case manager
  • R  v  Pitiyatanakul  and  ors  - represented  main  Defendant  in  multi  -  handed Conspiracy to traffic women for sexual exploitation.
  • R v Dowling - An elderly millionaire, who parked a van outside Law Society's offices - with a sign saying "explosives within".  The client originally arrested for Terrorism offences but then pleaded guilty to lesser charges.
  • R v Hewitt - Undercover sting operation by Metropolitan police paedophile unit against 27 year old male
  • R v Pyleav and ors - representing client alleged to have planned a major disturbance at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre, resulting in over £5m of damage.
  • R v Burt - Attempted Murder where represented Defendant with significant learning disability, requiring assistance of registered Intermediary
  • R v Xiao - Businessman 'faked RBS papers in £30bn property fraud bid'
  • R v Shah - A pharmacist who had been jointly charged with 10 other defendants the majority of whom are pharmacists, with various offences under the Medicines Act and Trade Marks Act. This case involved expert examination of Pharmaceutical rules and regulations, E.C. regulations and instruction of forensic experts. The client was acquitted.
  • R v Morton - Millionaire convicted of killing his 'trophy' wife. Click here to view more
  • R. v Rashid (Yahya) [2017] 1 Cr. App. R. 25 Court of Appeal reported case
    This case set down guidelines for the use of defence intermediaries in the Crown Court. Mr Rashid had a profoundly low IQ and had been charged with Terrorism offences under S.5 Terrorism Act 2006. He was assessed as requiring an intermediary but the Crown Court ruled that one was only required for when he gave evidence and not for the whole trial. This was confirmed by the Court of Appeal. The case also established that the question of when a defence intermediary is required in the Crown Court was as not a 'point of law' and could not be dealt with on an interlocutory appeal. 


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