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Family Mediation

Our family solicitors, Rebekah Gershuny and Mark Kosmin are highly experienced family solicitors, collaborative lawyers and mediators. They will help you to find solutions to the issues that you face on the breakdown of your relationship in a safe and supported environment.

In mediation one of our experienced mediators will sit with you and your partner and will help you to identify and try and reach agreement on the issues that you cannot agree on.

A mediator is not a judge and will not impose any decisions on you. The mediator, using their experience will guide you and your partner to explore the options and find solutions that work for your unique circumstances, and those of any children that you have.

The mediator is a neutral third party and will facilitate conversations between you, that you may be finding difficult to have following the breakdown of your relationship.

The main benefits of mediation are:-

  • Reduces conflict
  • You keep control of the process and of any decisions
  • Meetings take place at a time of your convenience
  • It focusses on the needs of your children
  • Ensures confidentiality
  • Quicker, less stressful and dramatically cheaper than court

Next Steps:

If you would like to find out more about mediation, please call Rebekah Gershuny or Mark Kosmin on 020 7935 3522 or by email on or​.

Rebekah Gershuny can also facilitate Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings and provide you with the necessary form needed before issuing court proceedings

Child Inclusive Mediation

A family split can have a significant impact on children. Family Mediation puts children at the heart of their parent’s discussions, and Child Inclusive Mediation brings children directly into the mediation process, so that their wishes and feelings can be better understood and considered by their parents to help them make decisions about their future. The Ministry of Justice endorses the principle of Child Inclusive Mediation, and that all children aged 10 and over should be offered the opportunity to have their voices heard in mediation, if they wish 

Child Inclusive Mediation involves the child or children talking with a specially trained family mediator as part of the mediation process. Where it is decided that Child Inclusive Mediation is appropriate, the child or children have the opportunity to have separate face-to-face meetings with the mediator, where they can talk freely about their views and feelings. The mediator is then able to feedback this information to the parents in order to help them make the decisions about the future arrangements.

Rebekah Gershuny, is a qualified Child Inclusive Mediator with the Family Mediators Association, and holds an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service Check (DBS) (formerly CRB).

If you would like to find out more about how Child Inclusive Mediation (formerly Direct Child Consultation) can help your family, please email Rebekah on or telephone 020 7935 3522.