For you and your family


Many people aspire to live and work in the UK and, eventually, to acquire UK citizenship. Whatever your motivation might be, we can offer our wide experience in dealing with many aspects of immigration and nationality law for individuals and companies.

We offer a service to those seeking to apply for a work permit, student / study visas, marriage / unmarried partner's concessions and investor / retirement applications, as well as asylum cases. Public funding may be available for matters related to asylum / refugees, appeals, applications to remain, judicial reviews and emergency matters. We can advise you from your initial application, through to court representation and post - grant assistance.

We are experienced in dealing with the following matters:

  • Study / student / professional qualifications
  • Work permit applications / skilled migrant worker
  • Investment / right to live in UK/retirement
  • Family reunion (including betrothed / unmarried partners)
  • Applications for travel documents / entry clearance
  • Naturalisation
  • Asylum claims and appeals / refugees
  • Extensions / variations of leave

Freemans is a Community Legal Service provider on immigration matters. We will tell you if you are eligible for financial support.