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Solicitors - the 4th Emergency Service

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As businesses prepare for Christmas, it is customary to inform clients of seasonal opening hours. For many, it will merely be a case of announcing the days on which the business will be closed, but for us, the position is a little more complicated than that.

We close, but we don't.

You see, our offices will be closed from 4:30 pm on Friday 22 December 2017 and will re-open at 9.00 am on Tuesday 2 January 2018. 

However, if you need urgent assistance with a criminal law related issued, any time of day or night, we have people to assist, you can contact us by calling 07973 259382

The work of a criminal lawyer does not lend itself to regular working hours, nor is there any time, day or night when we are not available. We offer a level of accessibility that few other professionals can match, and we are immensely proud of that fact.

When arrested over the festive period, as some people inevitably will be, we will be there by their side to offer timely legal advice to protect their interests.

Even the criminal courts are open for business during at least part of this time, allowing for bail applications and other urgent court business.

And of course, those in prison can experience particular difficulties as they are reminded of families far away, also impacted by the trauma of custody.

We take this opportunity to wish all of you a peaceful and restful holiday season, but if for any reason you need us, we will be there.

Whatever your personal circumstances the above is only a guide and we would advise you to contact us to obtain definitive advice as you will appreciate that each person’s circumstances are unique to them.