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Freemans International Family Law Clinic Launched

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Freemans Family Department have launched an international family law clinic, which allows individuals to seek free information and guidance regarding issues of:

  • international parental child abduction;
  • international relocation of children;
  • contact with children who live in a different country to their parents;
  • international enforcement of orders relating to parental responsibility
  • international adoption of children.

An opportunity to see an expert in International Family law for urgent advice

  • Have your children being removed to another country without your consent, or have been retained abroad after an agreed holiday or period of contact with their other parent without your agreement?
  • Are you someone who wishes to move abroad either permanently or temporarily with their child or children, perhaps for work purposes, to join a new partner, or return to a country of origin? Has your child or children’s other parent agreed to the move or trip?
  • Have you moved to England or Wales with your children without the permission of their other parent, or are you here for an agreed period and now wish to remain with the children?
  • Perhaps you have an order made by a foreign family court, such as a custody order, residence order, or contact order providing for you to have contact or access to your child, and you wish to enforce the order?
  • Are you being denied contact or access to your children who live in another jurisdiction?
  • Are you adopting a baby from another jurisdiction

If the above scenarios apply to you, or if you are concerned about any other issues concerning relocating abroad with your children, you need to see a Family Law solicitor with expertise in cross-border children cases. In almost every situation it is vital to act quickly, and see an expert.

The law in England and Wales is such that one parent cannot remove their children from the jurisdiction on a permanent basis, and generally speaking even on a temporary basis, without the consent of the child or children’s other parent. In England and Wales, Child Abduction is also a criminal offence, and the same applies in many other jurisdictions.

Ranked in Chambers and Partners as specialists in the cross-border category, we have a family law team with niche expertise in cross-border children cases and, are praised for the “one-to-one care and attention to detail” we are able to offer. We on the panel of child abduction solicitors, which means we act for ‘left behind’ parents in foreign jurisdictions on a regular basis. In addition we frequently act for parents in England and Wales, seeking to move abroad or who have removed their children from another country to England and Wales.

Cases involving an international element are often difficult for both parents involved, and the children, and we recognise the emotional struggle that decisions about moving children abroad inevitably bring.

We will deal with your case sensitively and thoroughly, and with our team’s niche expertise in international children law your solicitor will ensure you get proper advice, and quickly. Our international family law clinic provides a free one-off advice session, either by a meeting with a solicitor at our offices, or by way of telephone advice.

To make an appointment at our international family law clinic please call 0207 935 3522 or email