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Speeding - How Fast is Too Fast?

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The idea of speed limits causes immense confusion, with many people believing that the speed limit is at least the minimum speed you should ordinarily drive at. Most of us have experienced the rage of a motorist behind us if we adhere to the limit, and a...

Listen, do you want to know a secret?

  • Posted

Gavin Williamson MP has been sacked from the Cabinet for leaking confidential information from the National Security Council regarding Huawei. Theresa May considers that the matter is closed and won't refer him to the police. However, they can...

Focus On Forensics

  • Posted

Forensic evidence has dominated some of the news agenda this week, with outrage over the interrogation of complainant's phones in sexual offence and other cases. In reality of course, if a police officer is to investigate a criminal offence fairly,...

What To Do If You Are Too Unwell To Attend Court

  • Posted

Many people face very lengthy court proceedings, and it is therefore hardly unusual that on occasion a person may not be well enough to attend court. Despite this fact, courts are sceptical of alleged illness and unless the rules are followed in close...

Policing Public Protest - A Question of Balance

  • Posted

Environmental protests across London have caused massive disruption across parts of London and are set to spread across other towns and cities over the coming weeks and months. Public protest has always been a legitimate and important part of the...

Undercover Policing - Beyond the Line of Duty

  • Posted

The television drama 'Line of Duty' continues to captivate audiences keen to discover the identity of 'H' and the top copper involved in organised crime gangs. Central to the plot of this series has been undercover cop John Corbett, who...

'Hung Jury' - Not as Bad as it Sounds

  • Posted

Last week the Hillsborough trial involving ex-police officer David Duckenfield ended without reaching a conclusion; a number of papers reported that there was a 'hung jury' - so, what does that mean? In an ideal world, a jury will reach a clear...

Legionnaires Disease - You Can Pay a Very High Price

  • Posted

Faltec Ltd has been fined £1.18 million for two legionella outbreaks and a machine explosion after failing to comply with their Health and Safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Initially the company was given a fine of...

Parliamentary Crime

  • Posted

There have been two entirely different crime stories in the news this week, but both will challenge the court to consider sentencing guidelines and how they ought to be applied. Conservative MP Christopher Davies admitted two charges concerning expenses...

McKenzie Friends: When saving money can cost you a fortune

  • Posted

The unimaginable has happened: you’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. The lawyers at your trial have told you that there is no hope of an appeal. You can’t afford more legal advice so you decide to look for a cheaper...

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