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Fly-tipping - ensuring all polluters pay

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We all know that fly-tipping is an offence, but did you know you commit an offence if you pass waste to someone who isn’t licensed? What do you mean by ‘waste’? This article is referring to household waste, for example, excess...

What Next for Sally?

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In a dramatic climax the jury returned guilty verdicts in the case of R v Sally Metcalfe, the hapless Coronation Street Councillor caught up in fraud, money laundering and bribery. As viewers will know, poor Sally appears to be a victim of Duncan's...

Restorative Justice

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What is it? Restorative Justice, or RJ as it is sometimes known, is a way of holding offenders to account and can be used as an alternative to a caution or conviction, or alongside a sentence. What happens? RJ gives a victim the opportunity to meet...

Alexa - Witness for the Prosecution?

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On 29th January 2017, Christine Sullivan and her housemate were found murdered in Farmington, New Hampshire. Their bodies were discovered by the house owner, Dean Smoronk, who was Sullivan’s boyfriend. Timothy Verrill, an associate of Smornok, was...

Can I get a suspended prison sentence?

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A suspended sentence is a term of imprisonment that is suspended so that you do not go into custody immediately and will not go into custody if you comply with the conditions attached. Who can get a suspended sentence? In the Magistrates’ Court,...

Offences Related to State Benefits

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There are two main offences that are prosecuted in relation to benefit fraud, one involves dishonesty, the other does not. The dishonesty offence It is an offence to dishonestly make a representation in order to obtain benefit, and this includes a...

Acid Attacks - New Laws in Force

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After a recent spate of assaults involving the use of acids and other corrosive substances, the government has acted to try and curb their use. At the present time around 15 offences per week involve the use of acid and other like substances. In January...

Grievous bodily harm/wounding

  • Posted

In legal shorthand we often refer to section 18 or 20 offences, these refer to specific offences under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. What is the difference between section 18 and section 20? The most serious form of assault (short of...

Forced Marriage

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Coercing someone into marrying another for some financial or societal benefit is illegal. In April of this year, three young women in Sheffield became subject to Forced Marriage Protection Orders. This case highlights the how embedded this type of...

What is harassment?

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There are two distinct criminal offences, one of harassment putting people in fear of violence and one without. Stalking is a similar but separate offence and is not covered in this article. What does it involve? There has to be a course of conduct...

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