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How does the Pimlico Plumbers judgment affect businesses engaging self-employed contractors?

Louise Taft
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There was widespread coverage last week of the decision of the Supreme Court upholding an Employment Tribunal’s judgment that a Pimlico Plumber was a “worker” entitled to bring claims against the company for discrimination, holiday pay and...

Minimum Sentences

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For certain offences, there are minimum terms of imprisonment that a court must impose, absent exceptional circumstances (or it being unjust), these sentences can be automatically imposed even for a first-time offender, or dependent on certain previous...

Targeting Drink Drivers

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The government has announced its intention to use new roadside breathalysers, in a move that could see a further 6,000 convictions per year for drink driving. At the moment, the breath test procedure is in 2 stages, a person who tests positive at the...

Re L (Children) [2017] - The lessons to be learnt

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See attached article for practitioners involved in care proceedings involving serious allegations of non-accidental injury and a concurrent criminal investigation. It should be noted that this case is subject to appeal by the Local Authority and is due to...

Social Media Crime

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With the ever-growing popularity of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it is important to take a step back and consider your use of them. You need to make sure that you and your children not only control the personal information...

Environment Agency Penalties

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Although some breaches of environmental law amount to criminal offences, not all do. There are a wide range of potential penalties that are quite different to those usually faced for standard criminal offences. Even where a criminal offence has been...

Problems with visual identification evidence

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A critical evidential problem for courts is how much weight to place upon identification evidence where that evidence is weak or based on a very brief encounter. You would think that the usual rules apply regarding the jury's verdict; if they are not...


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New offences of stalking (in addition to existing offences of harassment) were introduced in 2012. The offences are harassment which involves a course of conduct that amounts to stalking. There are two offences, stalking involving fear of violence and...

But I had no choice!

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There is a defence in law known as necessity or duress of circumstances. It can be very difficult to demonstrate and will only apply in unusual and extreme circumstances. It is used to describe a situation where someone is forced by the demands of the...

Request For Driver Information

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It may be an offence to fail to provide information as the identity of a driver when you receive a written request to do so from (or on behalf of) the police. If convicted, you face a hefty fine and 6 penalty points. How long do they have to make the...

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