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Can I get a reduced sentence by helping the police?

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You may have heard about ‘texts’ or a ‘Brown envelope to the Judge’, some of the names for the old system. If you helped the police a ‘text’ may be handed to the sentencing judge explaining that you had assisted and a...

Solicitor - A Brand That You Can Trust

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A solicitor is there to help advise you on the law, to guide you through difficult times, explain, advise and represent you. But who tells us what to do and ensures that you receive a proper service? The Solicitors Regulation Authority The SRA...

Companies and Bribery

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Section 7 of the Bribery Act 2010 makes it an offence for a company to bribe another with the intent of obtaining or retaining business or to gain an advantage in business. The first conviction after trial for an offence under this section was that of...

Contempt of Court

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The case of Tommy Robinson, or to give him his real name, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has brought this issue into the public eye, but what is it all about? What is contempt of court? The interesting thing about contempt of court is the many ways in which...

Do I have to give the police my phone PIN?

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The simple answer is no, but there are potential consequences in certain circumstances. When can they ask? It is arguable that the police could ask you whenever they wanted for your PIN, you can always say no. The critical issue is whether they can...

Assaults on Emergency Workers

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  Is there a specific offence? Until now the only specific offence has been that of assaulting a police officer. This is a summary only offence which carries a maximum of 6 months imprisonment. There has always been an option to charge an...

What to expect as a witness

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If you have provided a statement for the prosecution or for the defence you may be called to court to give evidence at the defendant’s trial. Is there help available for me? The Witness Service provide assistance for any witness who has to...

Child Cruelty - New Sentencing Guideline

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The Sentencing Council has published a new guideline for how those guilty of child cruelty offences should be sentenced.  It covers three offences: •    cruelty to a child; •    causing or allowing a child...

What power do the police have to test my eyesight?

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There has been much ado in the press about police forces undertaking random checks on motorists and revoking licences at the roadside. So, what are their powers? Can the police stop me? Under section 163 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 a police officer...

Supplying drugs or possessing with intent to supply

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These are the more serious offences relating to drugs that can lead to lengthy custodial sentences. What drugs are illegal to supply? It is an offence to supply a controlled drug. This includes the ones that immediately spring to mind such as heroin,...

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